Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Dear Family & Friends,

Many people and events shape our lives with joy and sometimes sorrow, with the blessings of love and family, sharing memories of times past and looking forward to good things ahead. The message of Christmas embodies all those sentiments in the birth of a Babe in Bethlehem whose eternal destiny was to become our Lord and Savior. What a wonderful time of year!

2007 has been a year of change for our family. For several reasons the girls and I needed to move back to Utah from Oregon. We loved our time there and left behind family and friends we love dearly and miss so much. We are starting over with the help of our wonderful family here in Utah. My parents are so amazing –Thanks Mom & Dad for ALWAYS being there when we need you!

April, Chadwick & Pyke Berezay – A happy change for our family came on June 27, 2007 – weighing in at 7 lbs. 2 oz. – Pyke Douglas Thomas Berezay ! What joy he has brought to our family. Chadwick is busy working at Pep Boys, and going to school majoring in Technology Management with an emphasis in Automotive Technology. April loves being a Mom, and works part time for IHC. They love being together as a family and going Snowboarding!

Tiffany & Mitch Woods – The two of them are very busy working full time and going to school. Tiffany works with me at Glassett Dental and is attending the University of Utah. She is majoring in Marketing & Business. She is looking forward to graduating next summer. Mitch works with his brother “Andrew Woods Plumbing” and is going to … you guessed it Plumbing school. They are very happy and love to go Snowboarding!!

BreeAnn Bodell – This past year has brought a few changes for her. She Graduated from LaGrande High School – no more school for awhile! She is currently working at Gold’s Gym as a Supervisor, she is enjoying that a lot. The biggest change and the most exciting is --she is engaged to be married to a wonderful young man-- his name is Keaton Orton. They met in LaGrande and have been dating for 2 ½ years. They are looking forward to their June 7th wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. The long distant engagement is hard and they miss each other so much! As you probably guessed, they talk a lot on the phone!

EmmaLee Bodell – She has had many opportunities this past year to share her talents. She has a beautiful voice. She has been singing since she was a little girl. Her dream is to perform on Broadway. She had many opportunities to sing at school and church.
This past summer Eastern Oregon University put on the musical “Cinderella” EmmaLee was chosen for the lead role. She was wonderful!! She had a lead role in “A Friend Like Me” for the Draper Arts Council in November, and is currently practicing for her role in a Musical/Melodrama at Cottonwood High. She is the only sophomore in the Acapella Choir, and was asked to be on a Competion Dance Team. She is busy singing and dancing most of the time. But she loves it!

KarlyAnn Bodell – She is in the 6th Grade at Oakwood Elementary. She loves to sing and dance as well. She also had the opportunity to be in the cast of “ Cinderella” and “A Friend Like Me”. She did a wonderful job singing and dancing! She sings with a special choir at school, and has performed in several places this Holiday Season. She loves to play Basketball and is currently part of the Junior Jazz program. Her first game is next Saturday she is very excited about that!

As you can see 2007 has brought many changes some wonderful, some hard. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ it brings peace and comfort and knowledge that he loves us and watches over us. Moving back and staring over has been hard, but I know it was the right thing to do. I prayed for guidance and he has showed me every step of the way. I was blessed with having a job land in my lap before I even moved back, I work for two wonderful Dentist’s at” Glassett Dental” in Draper. I work with wonderful people and really enjoy my job. The best part of my job is – I get to work with my daughter Tiffany everyday! I was blessed to find a home (I could afford) near my parents; they are so much help to me and the girls each day. Thanks Mom & Dad for taking such good care of us! I am so blessed to live near my married children, and I get to hug and kiss my grandson everyday!
We love you all! Thanks for all you do for us, for those far away know we love you and miss you! If you ever get to our neck of the woods give us a call 801-664-8976 or you can e-mail us at:

We hope this coming year brings good things to each of you, and may the Lord watch over you and Bless you!

Debbie & Family

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Celebration at the Joseph Smith Memorial

What a way to start the Christmas Season! The Relief Society in my new ward planned a wonderful luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. I had the great honor of having my two oldest daughters attend with me. The luncheon was delicious ! The highlight of the day was having Alex Boye' come and sing for us! He was wonderful, he has a great voice, and an amazing spirit! He had as laughing one minute and in tears the next--it was a very special day! We recieved a big SNOW Storm today, and it was quite a sight to see all the city covered in white. The Temple grounds are always beautiful in any kind of weather. Today was a great way to start this Holiday season. I have so much to be thankful for, and pray that each of us will radiate the light of Christ this season and all year long.